June 11-13, 2021

at the riverfront

Exhibiting Artist Applications

Visual Artist Application Information

Applications for the 2021 Festival are open only to artists who participated in the virtual 2020 Columbus Arts Festival in Place.

Each year, artists who wish to be considered for the Columbus Arts Festival apply through ZAPPlication™, an online application tool, by submitting four digital images of their work and one image of their booth display. A jury panel, selected by the CAF Coordinating Committee, conducts a blind jury process, where jurors review the artists’ images and technical statements without any biographical information about the artists. The top scores, allowing for a balanced show across mediums, are invited to participate in the Festival.

For detailed information on the application process for Visual Artists, download a complete Prospectus. For more information, contact Festival Director Sean Kessler by email.

Are you a central Ohio artist and new to exhibiting at Festivals? Click here to read more about our Emerging Artist program.

Click on the following link for the Visual Artist application: